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Lili (Marleen) Rankine is a singer-songwriter, music and video producer and (new) podcaster.

Lili writes lyrics, composes music, sings and performs her music, makes videos and works with international musicians worldwide. Lili stands in front of the camera and behind the camera, develops all the storyboards for her videos herself, is a video creator and produces all the videos herself. And because that's (apparently) not enough, Lili is also the director of her projects. We don't need to mention that Lili is also a musician and band scout - on her own account - and that she creates and develops everything herself.

With her songs, Lili is at home in the genre Pop & Soul / Motown.

Gospel and country pop can also be found in their music. That she also includes other style elements in her songs, e.g. Rock, pop and classical music, and thus cannot be classified into just one music style and genre, is something Lili takes calmly. Because at first she was rejected with her music because of that, by labels and producers who wanted to market Lili's music and make her a star. It should change a lot, but ...

... anyone who knows and has got to know Lili, her music and her projects, knows that it is precisely this freedom that Lili takes and lives out as an artist that defines her music and projects.

On April 6th, 2020 she released her first streaming album "STRONGER". An album, 8 songs, a strong story behind it and lyrics in which Lili tells very personally.

Her pop songs and her lyrics reflect on her album the impressions and experiences she has gathered in her life so far. With a mixture of joy, emotions and Motown grooves, Lili sings warmly, gently, but also sometimes cheeky and with a pop country and soul voice. Their music was recorded live and with real instruments. And you can hear that too. Most of her collaboration was with Jürgen Dahmen, on "On Our Way" with the "Kids On Stage" and for the new setting of the song "Stronger" with Jimmy Gee.

The song "Stronger" carries the entire album, because in this song Lili was able to film a traumatic story many years later. The music video "STRONGER" shows a true story that Lili describes briefly under her video.

This is the official site for all of Lili's music and video releases

Streaming Album


Lili Marleen Rankine No.1 Copyright Cove
Lili's classic
Streaming single & video (YouTube)

Just one month after her album, on May 10th, 2020, after two years of project and video work, Lili released her first classic song as a streaming single "L.O.V.E. Classic" and a video on YouTube.

A classical setting of their new pop song "L.O.V.E. Pop" and their short film in the form of a project video show in about 15 minutes the creation of the entire project, the coming together of all musicians and contributors and wonderful rehearsals and recording moments.

Lili wrote this song as a pop version and worked on a socially committed Berlin classic project before it was officially released. The project is a funding project of her child and youth welfare association "Soul-Help" e.V., with which she has been implementing educational and cultural projects since 2003. Your association and your work have already received two awards from the Berliner Volksbank. She presented this classical music project together with her association work to its selection committee, where she received enormous support, and was then selected in 2018 and 2019 with her association work and the projects and was awarded two donations.

Also in the video: The youth orchestra Euphoria e.V., Hisato Tsuji, Evangelin, Tanja, Lina, Johann, nji Music Box (Musik Studio Berlin), Mehmet, Mario, Viktoria, Lili herself and her little dog girl 'Little Lili'.

The video for "L.O.V.E. Classic" is a story, filmed from the beginning to the end, and shows the entire encounter, wonderful and grandiose rehearsals with goose bumps and an unbelievably happy and grateful atmosphere throughout. We quote some audience votes ... "It is a project that has never existed in this form before".

All contributors are introduced in the video. And here you can hear unique excerpts of the song rehearsed live, practiced until we could and then it finally went into the recording with full tension.

Happy to support Lili as a musician and as an artist, so that she continues to write music for the public and do such beautiful projects in the future. See and hear for yourself what Lili's projects and music are doing.


We look forward to every support and your feedback!

Write it in the comments under the video or on your favorite channels where you can find Lili.

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