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Fans & Friends

"Thank you for your nice comments. Your Lili"

"Stronger - the name of the new album from Lili Rankine suites the situation perfectly. The songs get you a good change to your daily mood with their joy and religious meanings in it. Recommendation!"

-Christian from Germany

"My only wish is to see you at worldwide stages, not only in Germany. I hope those days are not far away."

-Ayhan from Turkey

"Wawww I am in love with the songs so much. I really love it."

-Prince from Africa

"Your voice is unique & talks to the Souls. It is a pleasure to listen to your songs. Best of luck."

-Saman from Sri Lanka

"The new album Stronger form Lili Rankine holds positivity and a relationship with God in high regard. The pop laced-driven music holds a rock feel. More than just the performer and lyricist, she produces the musical content to bring you to good vibes."

-Top_Encourager from the USA

"Marleen, you are so special. A strong woman, with lots of soul, love, and respect. Your album is a soul touching for the world. Love is the Answer and God bless you forever!"

-Pax Nic from the USA

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